Remote natural gas metering station

Remote natural gas metering station

One PowerGen can produce the equivalent  amount of power of two TEG units.

The Smartgen was installed and commissioned at a remote site in British Colombia, Canada. It was placed
adjacent to the Metering station and is fueled by pipeline gas. It is coupled directly to the control room
electrical panel with both the 24 VDC and 208 VAC / 60 Hz service.

Qnergy’s Smartgen power solution is specifically designed to provide
seamless and extremely reliable power generation to remote
locations. With multiple configurable outputs, the Smartgen was
programmed to output 1,000 Watts of power at 24VDC to supply
power to the relevant control and metering hardware as well as an
additional output of 3,000 Watts at 208VAC (single-phase) to provide
heating service to the control room.
The Alliance Pipeline consists of a 2,391-mile integrated
Canadian and U.S. natural gas transmission pipeline system,
delivering rich natural gas from the remote Western Canadian
Sedimentary Basin and the Williston Basin to the urban
Chicago market hub. Due to their remote location, there are a
number of sites along their transmission path which do not
have electrical grid service available to support their highly
controlled and automated network of gas transmission
facilities. Providing reliable continuous power to these sites
is critical for the safe and efficient operation of the network.
Application Metering and Control
Operating Profile Continuous Power
Power Output
1000 Watts at 24 VDC
3,000 Watts at 240 VDC (60 Hz)
Power Output Setting Configurable
2,700 Watts – 6,500 Watts
Fuel Source Pipeline – Natural Gas

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