PowerGen 5650

PowerGen 5650 Output Config A:120/240 VAC (25A)
Qnergy PowerGen Unit – 5,650 watts
Output Configuration:
120/240 VAC Split Phase
Output A: 120 VAC/60 Hz
Output B: 120 VAC/60 Hz
180 Phase Angle 25 Amp

Fuel source
Dry Natural gas or Propane-fueled
Closed loop cooling system

Fuel Consumption:
673-935 Cubic feet/day of gas heat value from 751 BTU/cuft to 1,215 BTU/cuft wellhead gas
Note: capable of burning up to 1,000 PPM H2S

NOx @ 5% O2: 30.0 ppm, 66 mg/kWh
CO @ 5% O2: 9.0 ppm, 12 mg/kWh

Additional heat available: 2.5 to 3.5 x power output available as hot glycol for heat tracing

Dimensions, weight, foundation requirements:
69.4″ Long x 28.1 Wide x 57.2 High (Note HRU/radiator can be mounted remotely from engine/generator)
866 lbs dry weight
concrete pad foundation: 3′ x 6′ on a tamped gravel base

Certifications for both units
ETL C and US
UL 2200
CSA C22.2#100/C22.2#14
ISO 9001.2015 (target certification: 2018)

Glycol circulation package
( does not include glycol, tubing or insulation)

-40 Cold Weather Start Hardware

PowerGen 5650 – 5 year Recommended Spares KIT

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