We provide power solutions to anyone requiring critical remote power solutions in response to AEP (Alberta Environment and Parks) regulations to create offsets usable under CCIR (Carbon Competitiveness Incentive Regulation) for advanced environmental compliance. Our energy efficient PowerGen series helps producers comply with costly California Energy Commission-administered LCFS (Low Carbon Fuel Standard) in advance of Canadian implementation.

How does PowerGen fuel consumption compare to traditional remote power sources?

Answer: A 1200 Watt Powergen consumes approximately 1/3 the amount (fewer than 27 liters) of propane than a 500 Watt TEG, which uses about 76 liters (20 Gal/day). This is a great advantage to installations reliant on propane supply such as telecommunications and signals. One additional feature is the recoverable heat on the glycol systems, which can be used to keep enclosures with electronics and batteries in a more efficient temperature range. We provide between 2.5 and 3.5x equivalent energy in heat, so 3000-4200 Watts of heat is available to your installation as well if you want. Less frequent propane delivery and reduced spare battery capacity will provide accelerated project economics but also decrease the environmental impact of your install. Who said it had to be a choice?




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Fuel & Emissions

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