Emission mitigation CAP3 ( Compressed Air Product 3&5 horsepower)

OilPro, in partnership with a Sr. Canadian Producer and PowerGen maker Qnergy, is commissioning of the first 10 packages of a series of multiwell pad power centres. Developed in Canada in the spring of 2019, the annual U.S. emission reduction potential is about 40 million tons of CO2-  (equivalent to taking 9.5 million cars off the road)!

The significance of this advancement is that the high power Free Piston Sterling Engine (FPSE) developed by Qnergy enables meaningful energy amounts to be available at multi-well pads in remote areas. Dubbed “the most reliable power generation technology in history” by NASA, the PowerGen’s FPSE heart delivers significantly less downtime for producers midstreamerspipelines communications and signals control.

As the system is capable of running on any combustible fuel source from readily available wellhead gas to propane,  it’s easily adapted to any site. Minimal fuel consumption at up to 75+% efficiency available due to incinerator-like combustion and available heat recovery systems.

Dubbed the CAP 3 system by Qnergy, PowerGen 5650 model 120/240VAC split phase output on-instrument air skid configuration.

  • PowerGen 5650 model 120/240VAC split phase output. with -40C cold weather kit for cold-start capability.
  • an electric 3 HP instrument air compressor, 17.6 CFM @ 100 psig, 100% duty cycle c.w. desiccant dryer
  • a battery enclosure and charging system for up to 12 batteries
  • additional PowerGen electric capacity to run a number of on-site devices and electrical heat tracing
  • fuel gas scrubber system so PowerGen runs on wellhead gas
  • future models will use the GHT (Glycol Heat Trace System) for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) which allows for 1500′ of glycol heat tracing and further improves overall system efficiency.
  • skid and enclosure include a heater, cooling, electrical tie-in package, lights, electric heat tracing and all connections piped and wired to skid edge and P.Eng. stamped.

Let OilPro change how we power Canada while displacing less powerful, inefficient conventional internal combustion engine (ICE), chemical and thermoelectric technologies, dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and provide lower emissions reporting site count at your facility.