The evolution in Thermal power generation technology!

The first of its kind zero maintenance designed Genset the PowerGen by Qnergy turns combustible gas into power with the first field units surpassing 110,000 hours of continues run time this marvel of engineering is ready for remote well sites. PowerGen delivers more power than TEGs or fuel cells and is priced much lower per Watt. The generator package works seamlessly with a variety of fuel supplies, including natural gas (even up to 1,000 ppm H2S), propane, ethane, biogas, and multiple associated gas streams. An available 5,650 Watts means you still have power left over to allow for AC heat trace in colder climates with an additional controllable glycol system heat supply of 48,000-60,000 BTU/hr. PowerGen supplies flexible power and BTU’s. Critical grid-quality electricity when and where you need it.