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The evolution in Thermal power generation technology!
Qnergys PowerGen employs an innovative variant to the well-known ‘classic’ Stirling engine, which is called the Free Piston Stirling Engine (FPSE).
Qnergy has introduced additional proprietary designs which monopolize on the fundamental architectural reliability of the FPSE. By employing novel heat exchanger designs within the harmonically resonating thermo-mechanical structure.
Qnergy generators transform heat into electricity directly by using linear alternators. Qnergy’s design breakthroughs have resulted in an extremely reliable, long-life, maintenance-free, and quiet, electricity generating platform. The FPSE generators, when heated at their absorber, can literally transform any flow of heat into a steady output of electricity. These same generators are packaged into PowerGen’s energy products, these make use of multiple types of fuels to generate grid-quality electric power.


PowerGen Series

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